Capacity Building

Capacity Building Supports help build your independence and skills to help you reach your goals.

Capacity Building Support Categories Overview:
  1. Support Coordination: Helps you connect with supports in your NDIS plan and ensures they're delivered as promised.

  2. Improved Living Arrangements: Assistance with finding and managing accommodation.

  3. Increased Social and Community Participation: Support to help you participate more in your community and build social skills.

  4. Finding and Keeping a Job: Assistance with finding and maintaining employment.

  5. Improved Relationships: Support for social skills development and behavior intervention.

  6. Improved Health and Well being: Funding for activities like personal training and nutrition advice related to your disability.

  7. Improved Daily Living: Covers assessment and therapy by professionals like occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

  8. Improved Life Choices: Assistance with plan management and financial skills improvement.

  9. Improved Learning: Support for researching and applying for study or training opportunities.

How can I spend my Capacity Building funding?

  • Allocate funds to specific approved individual supports within a category.

  • Example: Allocate percentages of Improved Daily Living funds to different therapists.

  • You can adjust allocations over time based on your needs and goals.

  • Provide detailed specialist reports during your planning meeting to justify needed supports.

  • Reports should specify types of services, frequency, and goals.

  • You cannot move funding between categories as each is tied to specific goals in your plan.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building supports can pay for therapies or services that help improve your independence.

Key points

  • The Capacity Building support package helps you to build your independence

  • Funds can be used to purchase any approved individual support within a specific category

  • There is flexibility if you need to change what type of support you are receiving

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