Core Supports

Clarity Care assists individuals in accessing their NDIS core budget to support daily tasks, current disability needs, and goal achievement. These services aim to enhance quality of life and community involvement.

Core supports

Using your NDIS core supports budget, we help you with your disability-related daily needs.

Some examples of core supports include:

➤ Cleaning, gardening or washing

➤ Daily personal activities such as toileting or showering

➤ Help you with travel/transport to get to appointments or activities

➤ Support you to participate in activities in your community

➤ Provide guidance so you can make your own decisions

Core Support Funding Overview:

There are four categories of core support, and funding can be flexible, but transport funding may have limitations depending on your situation.

  • Provided as a single lump sum

  • Can be used flexibly across four categories: Assistance with Daily Living, Transport, Assistance with Social and Community Participation, and Consumables

Assistance with daily living
  • - Helps you live independently

  • - Includes support for personal activities like showering and hygiene

  • - Assistance with household tasks such as cleaning and maintenance

  • - Meals on Wheels or meal preparation and delivery services

  • - Assistance in shared living arrangements or supported independent living

  • - Short-term accommodation assistance like respite care

  • - Funding for traveling within your community

  • - Available if you can't use public transport due to your disability

  • - Can cover community buses, taxis, etc.

  • - Three levels of support based on your activities and employment status

Assistance with Social and Community Participation:
  • - Support for engaging in social or recreational activities

  • - Helps you become more involved in your community

  • - Includes activities like art classes, sports, and day trips with mentoring or peer support

  • - Support for purchasing everyday items related to your disability

  • - Includes toileting and bathroom equipment, continence products and specialized clothing

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